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Our mission is “To help entrepreneurs shape and operate online businesses”, both as their side hustle, or eventually as their main occupation, in an easy, but robust, and structured manner.

Our platform enables them Ideate and Build their Startups and Businesses, by accessing robust Business Build Blueprints and by identifying suitable Digital Components or by taking over Existing Businesses. When up and running, we help them identify suitable Growth Strategies to increase their Sales and their Impact.


We Create Entrepreneurs

Our platform helps you, the Professional in the corporate world with the desire to enter the world of Entrepreneurship to learn, touch and experience the Entrepreneurship journey. 

- We help you learn the fundamentals of online entrepreneurship

- We help you learn how to create and evaluate various Business Ideas

- We help you upskill yourself and create your business or use those skills in the corporate world 


We Build Businesses

As a first-time entrepreneur, or as a since long business owner, you may want to understand the world of Online Businesses. We are here to help you through our platform to: 


- Evaluate your Online Business Ideas and mature them using various pathways you can pursue such as bootstrapping, facilitated and accelerated development, and more.

- Create or Find the Business Model of your Online Business

- Learn how to Architect Processes and Systems of your Online Business


We Help You Build Your Digital Components

The next step after having a clear idea of a future Online Business is to create all its Digital (Software) Components. We are then here to help you:

- Learn how to create your Visual Identity and Social Presence (Graphic Design, Social Media Profiles, eBooks, Books, Multimedia presence)

- Choose the best Software and Solutions (Website, Webshop and E-Commerce, Payment Gateways, Email Marketing Automation, Chatbots and other AI Tools and More)

- Learn how to Integrate All the Components creating effective Business Processes through Automation

Digital Services


We Help You Develop and Enhance Your Business

When all is in place, comes the question, how you now grow your business from start to its first 10k and then to its 100k and beyond. We are there to help you:


- Learn and Design Growth Strategies across products, services, geographies, revenue and business models

- Help you find the best way to Grow your business with less efforts considering you do this as your second occupation

- Teach and help you implement modern strategies enabling you grow beyond your imagination


We Remain Your Strategist And Advisor

At times you may feel quite lonely as an entrepreneur. Running your business as your primary occupation or as part of your 'portfolio career', you need to stay sharp and take the right decisions at the right moments. We are there to help you:

- Find the best Business Coaches or discussion partners helping you take the right decision and prevent expensive pitfalls


- By challenging you, ensuing you stay sharp and always doing something to enhance your Business and your Impact


- As your reference to keep you updated with what is new in the world of Online Businesses so that you evaluate and decide wisely 


We Help You Acquire or Sell Your Business

We provide you a platform where:

- You can look for robust Business Models, Business Build Blueprints, and Growth Strategies you can acquire and use

- You can find Existing Online Businesses you may take over

- Sell your newly developed or existing online businesses


We Help You Join Best Start-Up Ecosystems

One of the best ways to ideate and create a modern business, for those with extremely high ambitions, and great business ideas, is to join one of the Start-Up programs across the world. We are here to help you:

- Find out if this is the right pathway in pursuing your ambition to shape your business

- Find the best Start-Up and Scale-Up ecosystems in the world and join them in thier facilitation and acceleration programs


- Assist you in all the steps you need to take during this process

Startup Services


We Help You In All Stages Of Your Business Ideation, Creation, Establishment, Growth, Advancing, Automation and Enhancement


Business Creation

We help you create and mature your business idea, design its business model, shape all its components, and take the necessary steps to establish it as a concept, in practice and legally. Our partners available to you on our platform will assist you to move fast in each of these steps.

Business Realisation

We help you give life to each of your business model's components. We help you find processes, solutions, suppliers, partners, or other stakeholders. Our partners help you in shaping and realizing your product and service and making it ready to be offered to your customers.

Business Coaching

Business and Personal Development are intertwined. As an entrepreneur and specially if you manage your business next to your main occupation, there are moments you simply want someone with business experience show you the way. Go to our platform, to seek assistance.

Start-Up Track

We help you find out the best Start-Up Ecosystems you can join, where you can build, develop, and realize your business idea into a business. We help you evaluate pro and cons of each of the players and geographies in this domain and assist you make the right choice. Read More.

Scale-Up Track

We help you find out the most suitable path when you are in the Scale-Up phase. We assist you in evaluating and approaching different scale-up accelerators and investors, to have the right choice considering your domain, your preferences, and your expectations. Read More.

Business Partnership

We help you find the business partners you may be looking for. Working with tens of partners and assisting thousands of entrepreneurs, we are in the best position to match you with potential partners you may seek to strengthen your founding members and partners.

Business Expansion

Even solo entrepreneurs can grow to a level where they see the potential to expand beyond the market they are serving. We help you through our platform, evaluate your opportunities and to decide and implement market expansion to other geographies using the international experience of us and of our partners.

Bus. Diversification

Being a solopreneur or a small company, you will find a moment when everything is functioning as it should. Using your well-established business and customer base, you may want to diversify your products and services or even your business portfolio. Our platform is here to help you transform these ideas to dollars.

Business Marketplace

One of the proven ways to own a successful business is to acquire it. Even solo entrepreneurs can look into both options: Build or Buy. The Business River Marketplace makes it easy to look for various opportunities to Take over or Sell existing Business Ideas, Business Models and Existing Businesses. Learn More.

Online Business Build Guide

“Online Business Build Guide” is your kick start to shape an online business. Get this almost 40 pages FREE guide and learn the basics of shaping an online business today.

The key audience of this guide are ‘To-Be Entrepreneurs’ who do want to establish their first business, online from the beginning, either as a side hustle or as their primary occupation, or Solo Entrepreneurs and Small businesses who want to bring their existing businesses online or improve their already online businesses’ performance.

We focus mostly on solutions and recommendations fit for solopreneur and smaller businesses. Download your free copy now and start shaping your dream online business using the state-of-the-art technology at affordable prices.

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