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Mar 20, 2021

Have you ever dreamed to have your own mobile App?

Mobile Apps play a significant role in the overall online presence portfolio of any small or large business these days. Having your own mobile app used to be very expensive and unpractical, often costing $50,000 or more to develop with at least an additional $5000 per year to maintain it. 

Entrepreneurs could only wish and dream that one day they might be able to get into the golden gates of Apple & Android without these crazy fees.

But that does not stay like that anymore. More and more companies are realizing the importance of having their online presence in the two major App Stores i.e. Apple’s iOS App Store and Google Play Store for Android Apps, although they do understand the difficulties and the costs associated with what they wish to have. 

There are software companies out there who understand this demand and build something to respond to this need.

…may be these are the first days we start seeing the light.

“22apps” is a platform built by Matthew McGregor to answer to this demand. 22Apps allows anyone to create, design, build, and launch an app for iPhone and Android as easy as launching a website!

The best way to describe it is: Wix / Squarespace for Apps, though there are infinitely more advantages to having an app over a website.

Now, the problem with landing pages or websites is that they don’t capture people in the same way they used to.

According to Facebook Statistics, here’s where people spend their web-time:

  • 5% of time on desktop web browsers
  • 7% of time on mobile app web browsers
  • 88% of time on mobile apps (iOS & Android)

Because the majority of traffic is found on the mobile app world, AND you can send unlimited push notifications to users, mobile apps are the most powerful tool for marketers and business owners to gain the competitive advantage in their industry.

The only reason so few experts have an app is because it’s been too expensive, until now.

Why Apps?

The answer trails back to a problem created by the two most popular tools we use to grow our businesses:

  1. Social Media Marketing
  2. Email Marketing

For years we’ve focused on growth through these two tools, though they just aren’t what they used to be.

See, although Facebook has over 2 BILLION people log into it’s platform every single month, they are (fundamentally) an advertisement agency. They make a shocking $0 when you share a post organically, but they make hundreds of billions of dollars when people run ads.

Thus (logically) in order for them to make more money, they need to limit your posts AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE, and that’s why you may have seen organic reach fall year after year after year (Where now only 1% of people see / like your stuff!)

However, email isn’t that much better.

Email marketing used to be SO powerful; especially if you had a list of over 50,000 people, you were literally sitting on a mountain of gold. Yet of course that’s dramatically changed because everyone started doing it and now everyone has like zillion emails in their email account. (Barely an exaggeration; let’s be honest)

And so people find themselves now turning to other things; still getting little-to-no results:

  • Facebook retargeting? – Best option, but have to pay for every view
  • Podcast? – Limited Flexibility
  • LinkedIn? – Not all audiences use this
  • YouTube? – VERY hard to maintain consistent growth
  • Blog? – Relies On Email notifications
  • Facebook Messenger Bot? – Controlled By Facebook
  • Text Message Marketing? – Too personal

And so at the end of the day, it’s like WHAT ELSE IS THERE?

Even with mobile apps, as mentioned before, there’s never been an easy way to get into the app-building world until now. 22apps is created to be the BEST engagement tool when it comes to converting your clients into paying customers, and there are 3 keys to WHY:

  1. Anyone can easily access it in seconds
  2. You control the platform & the content
  3. You can send reminders & messages when needed

The reason most businesses consider mobile apps to be the holy grail of digital marketing, is because mobile apps take up what’s called “Physical screen real estate” on someone’s device.

So when someone downloads a mobile app that they’re interested in (because of the topic, the organization, the person, or whoever it is), that app is taking up what’s called screen real estate on their phone.

And if it’s on their phone 24/7, then they’re going to see it 24/7 and they’ll often feel inclined to check out what’s new (and ultimately it’s going to lead them deeper into the opportunity to work with you!)

And, the REAL power comes in the form of PUSH NOTIFICATIONS.

So, push notifications are these little messages that pop up on your phone with a quick call to action. And they come in all sorts, whether that be from an app, or text, or a phone call, or whatever it is.

And when people touch on it, it opens up your app when they click it. Thus with push notifications, because it’s so short you need to be crystal clear on what you want your audience to do. It’s like: Check out this new video on 5 keys to branding success. Or: New Event Happening Soon in your area, register now!

So whatever your call to action is, a push notification is a really powerful way of skipping the spam folder or the extra hoops that people have to jump through when it comes to email marketing. All you have to do is simply say “Watch this webinar, check out this video, register for a call, sign up for this thing, buy my stuff, get this report, check out this new course”

And all they have to do is simply tap once to be taken over into your content.

It’s as simple as that.

So if you’re curious about what exactly this could look like for you and your business, be sure to go through this page where you will learn how to create the ideal app for your type of business with fraction of what you may think it should cost: Access your free account here.

Enjoy learning about what you could achieve using this application!

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